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Update Feb 26 from Des (Owner, CEO and R&D Lead):

Our new shipments of Platinum 360+ have finally landed  in the USA (the delay was caused by a global shortage of a special raw material that we use in this world acclaimed and unique resin). Additionally, our release of the exciting Platinum UltraClear PRO series (an incredible reliable and super thin resin) is now bound for the USA and new UK markets, had been held up due to wharf strikes in Brisbane Australia (so so very frustrating!!!).

Our popular Platinum HiTemp100, I have now modified (new name Platinum HiTemp120) to give customers a 120 deg C (248 deg F) temperature resistance and clear resin. Now customers will be able to mold drinking mugs. soup bowls, plates etc all with this FDA approved resin (which opens up a completely new market for crafters and manufacturers to produce individually crockery for restaurants, family, corporates etc. SO EXCITING!). I should have stocks of this new resin in the USA and UK by the end of April.

While on new resins? I am just finishing a new resin (that I am about to be release) Platinum 180+. This is a thinnish clear resin, to be use where one would normally use a 2:1 type resin, except that Platinum 180+ is a 1:1 ratio by volume resin. I think Platinum 180+ should prove a welcome addition to the Platinum range and another with full FDA food grade approval. All exciting times ahead!

Platinum Epoxies are manufactured for world-wide distribution. 


USA/Canada - Platinum Epoxies LLC -  (South Gate, Los Angeles, CA)          

Australia / NZ - Platinum Epoxies - (Brisbane, Qld)


Asia - Trading Partener - (Shenzhen, Guangdong)


UK/Europe - Platinum Epoxies - (Manchester, UK)

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